What is MOMS Night Out?

  • MOMS Night Out (MNO) is an opportunity for mothers in our organization to enjoy each other’s company independent of their children and spouses.  We typically have one outing per month such as dining out, bowling, seeing a movie, and shopping.  Event attendance is voluntary.

What are playgroups?

  • Playgroups are an opportunity for same age children and their moms to socialize on a weekly basis. They are held at parks or members’ homes.

Does MOMS Club ever host any activities for families or couples?

  • Most months we schedule a Family Night Out (FNO) which allows fathers to get involved in the family fun such as zoo outings, dining out, and community events.  In addition, we have Couples Night Out (CNO).  This gives parents a chance to get to know each other and relax without their children.

What is Sunshine Support?

  • As a MOMS Club Member you are entitled to special support after the birth of a child, death of a loved one, or serious illness.  Our members volunteer to bring homemade meals to your doorstep during your time of need.  To celebrate the birth of MOMS Club children, we donate a book in the child’s name to our local libraries.  In addition, Sunshine Support includes cards for special occasions and encouragement during difficult times.